The Story of Vistaar

Vistaar was founded by UG Student Aritra Sutradhar in 2014 with the goal of creating a community of music enthusiasts and lovers, and promoting a culture of inclusivity and openness on campus. The society, through its initiatives and programs, aims to create opportunities for like-minded people, and individuals with diverse interests together with the common goal of spreading a love for music on campus.

Vistaar began as a collection of teams for various genres and interests to pursue their individual direction and progress as exclusive groups. Over the next three years, the society has transitioned from a collection of individual groups to an umbrella body which caters to the interests and talents of individuals, teams, bands, appreciation groups and learning groups. Anyone a part of Vistaar possesses the opportunity to represent Ashoka University in intercollegiate fests and events as individuals, groups, or registered bands.

Despite having gone through many changes, Vistaar is still a young, growing organisation with a long way to grow and evolve. One thing that will never change, though, it’s our belief that music is for everyone.