Performative Events

Throughout the academic year, Vistaar hosts and organises various performative events independently and in collaboration with our clubs, societies and groups on campus. Our goal is to ensure that there are multiple platforms for people of all degrees of experience and skills to have a platform to explore their musical interests.


Jukebox (Ashoka Music Concert) is the flagship annual concert held by Vistaar in the beginning of every academic year. It’s aimed at introducing the new incoming batch to some of Ashoka’s best musical talents. Each concert boasts a diverse set list ranging from jazz to Bollywood played constantly for 90 minutes non-stop.

On Demand

On Demand is an event with a twist - you don’t know what you’ll be performing until you step onto stage! Performers send in options of the pieces they’d like to perform, and the student body votes for what they’d like to see them perform. On Demand is an annual event conducted in the end of the Monsoon semester, and is open to anyone who would be willing to take part.

Open Mics & Karaoke Nights

Who doesn’t love a night of jamming or karaoke? Open Nights and Karaoke nights are conducted multiple times a year, where the mic is open to whoever would like to take the stage and express themselves. Whether you’re a bathroom singer or a professional jazzist, the stage belongs to you!


Throughout the year, Vistaar organises concerts and showcases of its teams and independent musicians at Ashoka. Past concerts have been The Vistaar Concert and Annual Showcases. These are large-scale events which require rehearsals, and mostly involve auditions for independent performers and bands.